The information here only states what is unique to the setting for the campaign, unless stated otherwise all lore in the Players Hand Book still applies.

Points Marked with a C are true through this continent specifically, points marked with a W are true through the entire world.
Dragon Born

W > Living in clans this race is often viewed as secluded and difficult to negotiate with. With their fierce pride they are known to be great warriors despite their small numbers.

C> Dragon Born clans often travel and fight for their honor in deep dungeons and dark forests instead of living in one fortress in a hard to reach location. Though some still have a home where the children and women can stay safe.

W > Dwarves trust half-orcs as they fight against their own kin because of their blood. The courage and ferocity of the race has earned the dwarves respect.

W > Contrary to most settings, the dwarves in Velanthia are very charismatic and cheerful. In addition this they shun drinking as they feel it is a shameful past time of their race.
W > Proud and strong warriors, elves fought against the gnomes in a war that went on for decades, finally wiping out the race.

C > Less charismatic than most would assume elves typically keep to themselves unless shown that a newcomer can be trusted.

W > Favoring rivers, lakes and oceans over forests, elves typically have well guarded settlements near bodies of water.

W > Extinct, this race was in war against the elves that spanned decades. Their presence is gone but their memory lives on through the stunning technology they developed. From intricate furniture and traps to methods of irrigation this race has helped shape society very extensively.

W > Halflings long suffered under constant scrutiny of being thieves and to combat this they have made tremendous strides in the world of academics and weapons development. Lacking the technical flash possessed by the gnomes the works of halflings favor function over form.

W > Banished to the forests by Elf communities.

C > This race makes up the largest percentage of caravans, traveling roads while selling wares and trading with towns. Generally distrusting of magic unless it is rooted in nature or granted by divine means, while some half-elves become sorcerers and wizards they are rare and often distrusted even by their own kind.

W > When born into orc tribes, these half-breeds are killed at birth in order to protect the dignity of the tribe. If born into human societies then they are branded with large tattoos that cover anywhere from a fourth to an entire half of their body.

W > In a constant battle with their own kind this race has found an unlikely ally with the dwarves.

C > Less numerous than the other races, humans have slowly dropped to lesser numbers due to their inherit lack of specialized skill. Add that with their penchant for war and humans (while still alive and well in power) are a minority.

W> Rare, though left alone do to the sheer fear they often instill in strangers this race is hardly seen. When members of this race are seen it is typically in the dark shadows of a cities ghettos or tents set up in the deep caverns in parts of the woods few venture.

As you can see each race has one or two points that have been added or altered, embrace them as they are part of what makes the flavor of this world so rich.


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